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About us

We are not geese fans, though we are not foes to them either. The geese movie has nothing to present political situation whatsoever. It just fits well the «no big words» quote. That't it.

Who or what exactly is NTXT? When the name was found, the idea was to gather a group of freelancers under the logo to do more or less organized projects and support each other. Didn't we like to make it A Mission nor did we want to call it an overexcited Turbo Name. Here went the NoText abbreviation, and a four squares logo, just fine.

There's no real office with a reception desk and no fax. We just meet and work, or we do not meet and yet work a little. Here we go:

  • Magda Martinco-founder, graphics designer
  • Joanna Olkowskagraphics designer and webmistress
  • Piotr Tomaszewskiformal owner of the firm, designer and programmer