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Professional background: over 5 years of experience in MySQL/PHP-driven, large scale websites;over 10 years in DTP and commercial publication design;self employed since 1996, Creative Director and co-owner of redNet Property Group since 2005.

Introduction:For the last 5 years I have been working on a number of large real-estate websites (see Websites♦), recognized in Poland and CEE. These websites support some of greatest trade events (see Expositions and Conferences♦) of the country and its region. They are backed up by an extensive set of custom statistics and reporting tools (see Reports♦) and online DTP systems (see DTP automation♦), written almost from scratch either by myself or under my supervision. Just as much as in creating the engine I have been engaged in the graphics design of the whole site and accompanying publications (see Publication List♦). This job has tought me a lot of planning, cooperation with customers and group working. Its multidomain aspects required such extra skills as prepressing, colour control (see DTP♦), image processing (see Image Processing ♦) or data mining (see Reports♦).

Apart from the above, I have published a few software reviews for the Polish branch of computer magazine CHIP (see Articles & Reviews♦). There’s also a cover of a computer graphics magazine I was lucky to get and a set of 3d renderings they printed (see 3d♦).

Earlier, when still studying Architecture, I had invented a method of constructing spherical geodesic domes (see Geodesic♦). I used to teach kids English and computers too.

Though having too many hobbies may look like having really none, but I do try to avoid skin-deep understanding of what I do. From the other hand all of the skills I may seem to have mastered are far from being complete and they hardly could be even close. Nevertheless they help me see and comprehend tasks from different perspectives and levels of accuracy.