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large ones:
www.tabelaofert.pl – real estate portal, claimed the largest in Poland. Database of over 40.000 offers (including about 10.000 active) with detailed data from price through geographical location to activity and demand records. Source of data for market research and analysis.
www.cepif.com – classic company information site, with left-side menu and tree-like structure. There’s a whole CMS to it and user registration with online payments (overall graphics design by Dorota Wolska, details and supervision by Joanna Olkowska)
also www.targi.tabelaofert.pl, www.klubinwestora.tabelaofert.pl are child projects of the same company – redNet Property Group. All of them share the same information, experience and resources.

small ones:

Google Maps and Panoramio demo: Map and photos demo.