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RD bud, the general contractor company

February 08 After two years of keeping a cold-grey backgrounds we were all missing something fresher. What can you come out with when it's winter and Christmas on the way? Snowy white with icy reflections. Winterfresh ;-) But then again it came to a screen presentation in flash, and black helped to make the view more panoramic. Here is an almost-final version: RD bud presentation v.2.

RD bud presentation screenshot Screenshot of a Adobe Flash presentation for RD bud.

June 07 All the fair havoc behind us already. RD bud stand was built and it worked! The builders surprised me and the Client with some ideas of their own, not necessarily good ones. The table board was not shaped as designed, and it was of quite different colour. Logo carved in the glass was illuminated poorly, and the lights fixed to the red lintel looked too aggressive. Well, that's a lesson - one needs to keep an eye on the details to the very end.

RD bud stand for CEPIF 2007 photos stand design for Central Europe Property & Investment Fair 2007, built by WEXPOL

March 07 The latest thing, and rather unexpected, was to design the 12 sqm. fair stand for RD bud. Quite obvious it seemed, having done so many things along the same line. For the first idea we talked over on the phone, I did a simple sketch. There was the screen and projector thing, which fell out later. That made room for a comfortable coach and the bar stools at the counter.

RD bud stand design for CEPIF 2007 stand design for Central Europe Property & Investment Fair 2007

January 07 First idea of RD bud's catalogue was a bit like a special edition CD. Square, neat, with simple one-photo cards inside. It had to keep the size of a the French parent-company brochure though. So we sketched a cover with lining inside and separate bound content cards. Between the cards we inserted sheets of tracing paper with text info.

RD bud catalogue RD bud first idea for the catalogue - the square

December 06 At the end of the year RD bud asked us for a promotional wall calendar. The hardest thing was to match the head and the torn-out month pages. Total price for printing the whole thing appeared unacceptable and the cheap, ready-made sets of month sheets look unacceptable either. Finally we did the month sheets in one place, then delivered it to another city where they put it all together. And we fit in the budget!

RD bud promo calendar for 2007 RD bud wall calendar for 2007

April 06 The ever-pleasant work for RD bud started with a simple A4 ad for the CEPIF 2006 catalogue. This set the style and looks for many things about to come.

RD bud ads for 2006 RD bud ads for 2006

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