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Savills Poland, the real-estate company

March 08 A new website and a sub-brand. Savills Poland starts selling residential in Poland. They are no cheap things, these. Flash plus Actionscript 3 plus Flex Builder start to fruit at last. Meanwhile we are step by step going rebranded: nucom.pl.

savills-residential.pl by NTXT website screenshots Savills new website - savills-residential.pl

May 07 The fair roll-ups. Both about 200x80 cm.

Savills roll-ups Savills roll-ups

November 06 Slowly it went, and quite a number of ideas was presented. Finally both of us were glad at the results.

Savills Warsaw map cover Savills Warsaw Map cover

August 06 The advert came up more lika a brochure or newspaper spread. The construction grid, the columns, even the title make it look like. Thanks to the centered heading all the classy style of Helvetica fonts could be emphasized. One rarely has such an opportunity. Now I can only see the misspelling in «achievements».

Savills A3 corporate ad Savills A3 corporate ad